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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic 'A medirse las colas!' in the forum.
    LOL Baldagur! Thats really cool PeRRaKo, congrats! :) Must get a Dragon too, I only play Awesomes :P
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic '¿Intencional o no?' in the forum.
    Check Poznan, founded by Spanish, Portuguese and Poles, located in the Sarna march, Cappelan Confederation before the 4th Succession War, then conquered by the Federated Commonwealth and Spanish government established. My unit, the portuguese War Dogs, are currently working in an alliance with other units to role-play a mercenary unit based on Poznan with the name of 1st Iberic Battlemech Tercio. [image]
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic '¿Intencional o no?' in the forum.
    Quote: Hombre creo que se ha notado que era un poco por hacer la gracia y que iba con algo de sarcasmo, no obstante es cierto que los ingleses desde hace siglos nos tienen un amor que no se puede esconder y que nos sueltan velados piropos como bien podría serlo este. La verdad es que es un poco punto decirle a un amigo tuyo que presume de ser de la fuerte y cuadriculada casa steiner con puño en bandera, que eres de la democrática, tolerante y abierta casa Marik (leáse en español Marica) con engalanado pollo rosa como banderola... :P No obstante me esta gustando lo que leo del trasfondo de MW que realmente lo conocía sólo a través de los videojuegos, así que de forma algo confusa. ¿Alguien sabe de algún lugar de acceso gratuito a novelas o más trasfondo de calidad para ir culturizandome en este mundillo en mis ratejos libres? :D Hello AnilomZiur, sorry for the reply in english, you can find all the books here: first check the list of novels ordered: then go here to search for them in ebook format: and to download a reader: I downloaded the Warrior trilogy some time ago, but my mobilephone is too smal to read these and dont have a notebook :)
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic 'Lobby discussion' in the forum.
    Well, they have many more holes to fill than 8 hahahah
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic 'Lobby discussion' in the forum.
    Quote: +1 , if u can open discussion in the main forun we can shout a little :) Here it is man: :)
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic 'Lobby discussion' in the forum.
    Quote: Quote: Ademas que puede convertirse en el farmeo ultimo, un clan de 16 jugadores juega 8 vs 8 y se turnan para destruirse. Pues la solución que os he dicho. No se dan XP ni C-Bills por partidas privadas o también se cobra una determinada cantidad de C-Bills para poder lanzarlas y así obligas al personal a jugar en modo abierto. ¿Que la gente trata de abrir varias partidas en abierto y le da a quit-match o se dedican a dar vueltas sin pegar un tiro? Pues les das 0 C-Bills si no hacen un daño mínimo o cosas así, hay mil ideas. Fin del problema. I agree with this solution, no cbills or XP earned in private matches, means everyone will keep using the ELO system to progress in the game, so the private matches will only be used by teams who want to practice in a not so random environment, or want to organize a battle against another specific team.
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    hehe good idea :)
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic 'Red Shadows tiene 2 sitios libres' in the forum.
    Roger that :)
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  • hehehe, yea I know! I believe we will be interested in joining when you wanna go again ;)
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    Robot Jox :)
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  • I also like the Tercio ideia, like I sugested in the Iberic unit alliance thread, we could form a unit with an original name for both Spanish and Portuguese, and call it for example the 1st Hesperian Battlemech Tercio (instead of regiment, to make it more original and show it as an Iberic unit). Hesperian - ancient name used to refer to Iberic peoples, possibly italian as well. For the basic logo we could use the flag of Burgundy: [attachment] And for role-play we can say we originate in planet Poznan, please check history in http:// Its a planet founded by Spanish and Portuguese and others, that was liberated from house Liao by the Fed. Commonwealth before MWO timeline. Then use some creative licence and say Hesperia is a continent in Poznan, as I think that name is more cool than Poznan.
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  • Lex Peregrine replied to the topic 'Iberic Unit Alliance' in the forum.
    Greetings PeRRaKo! thank you for your support! Hoping to have further contact with you and your team in the future! True, I wonder when CW will be implemented with all the stuff they talked about, it will kick ass when it is though. But for now it seems 12vs12 is close, from the information that was posted here in battletech-mechwarrior, looks cool! Hello again mcann! Well, web yes in a way, although each unit will likely have their own site and links will be added; money I dont know what you mean :P as for the name, the way I see it it should be the same as when people pledge for House Marik for example, they may add that information in their signature somewhere, but not necessarily wear an official Marik uniform. In our case, if each unit identifies itself as being part of the xxx Battlemech Tercio, we have better chances to improve its reputation and by being linked to it, each unit's own. Another important aspect, is the spirit of team-work and unity. By the way, there will be no-one to boss around, the Tercio should be commanded by a non playable character, like if it were in the books. But a council should be formed with representatives of every unit, so any decisions that have to be made are done so in a sort of democratic way :) As for the mumble channel, yea I need more time to talk to my unit about trying it, if you could create a room for portuguese players, we can use it to give it a try when we're ready.
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